Riders – Coops, Pete, Matt and Foxdale
The ride started at Kirk Michael in Horrendous conditions a strong head wind and rain, just the 4 of us, this could be due to Coops making the route public before the ride or the tropical conditions. We set off up Cooil Dharry the early part was like riding up a sand dune though at this point we were still sheltered from the wind and we were still speaking to Coops.
Once on the road at Barre Garrow crossroads and on the Druidale Road the weather conditions took a turn for the worse and so did our relationship with Coops, having to ride at a jaunty angle to avoid being blown over and discovering that our waterproof jackets weren’t actually waterproof, it was too windy to hear yourself speak so we used sign language to communicate with Coops.
At the top we went onto the Sartfield track, still going up but at least the wind was now behind us which made it quite a pleasant climb though we didn’t tell Coops who was still being shunned,the only thing of interest on the section was a large rabbit that ran out it was the size of a large rabbit.
At the top we turned off to head down the Baltic, Pete decided to make the descent more interesting by having his lights spinning on his handle bars, the drainage ditches made it a bit sketchy at times especially with the fog bouncing the light back. A quick descent and to the Mitre for a pint, though we made Coops sit on a separate table.
A good route that can be extended when the weather is more favourable