Riders – Coops, Foxdale, Roger, Mark, Lee, Jason and Westy
Tonights fiasco/ride started from the Islands premier seat of learning Foxdale
school. The wind was howling and freezing we huddled behind the van for shelter
whilst waiting for riders to turn up, as we were just about to set off a van
turned up the driver speaking with a foreign tongue…..it was Westy.
It was decided we should head for the shelter of Archallagan, choosing to go over
the newly repaired boards at Klonslieau was hampered by two trees being blown
down across them, up Ballamona and over the fence into Archie, passing the bikes
over was like a strongman challenge the bikes getting increasingly heavy with
Marks and Lee’s tractors then Westy’s fat bike testing Coops clean and jerk
technique…..he passed the jerk with flying colours.
Once in Archie we picked up Julian’s yellow marked trail,we enjoyed it so much we
did some of the trail twice or was that due to piss poor navigation.
With the trail being dry the ride was going well…..up steps Coops to feck it up,
ripping his rear mech off, luckily he had a spare one before Westy got the chance
to sell him one from the Myriad of wares in his summer Camelbak.
We set off again, weaving through the trees after a short time it was noticed that
Coops was missing, back tracking we found him weeping on his haunches……he’d
managed to snap his second hanger, which really is just carelessness. Westy saw
the opportunity of a quick sale offering a hanger at a special price, sadly for
Coops his credit card was declined being a RBS customer.
The ride was over for Coops I decided to stay with him and the rest continue on
the ride, 30 yards down the trail we met up again with the group…….Roger had
ripped his mech off.
We decided at this point rule 32b was applied, if three rear mechs are broken
within a ten minute period the ride shall be declared ‘feckin shit’ and abandoned.
Once out of Archie we discovered a new event for the Olympics which is more
exciting than the Keiran, with Coops unable to ride Westy and Roger went either
side grabbed his arms and dragged him along whilst he free wheeled. A race back to
Foxdale without pedaling was the next event to amuse us.
A shit ride but enjoyable all the same, especially for us that came out unscathed
and Westy who nearly made £78.