Riders :- Rich, Gina, Coops, NeilK, Pete, Sinbad, Gadge, Caroline, Emma, Foxdale, Mark, Bolty
Tonight’s ride from Crosby was a Sinbad/Coops (The Chuckle Brothers) presentation which should have sent alarm bells ringing.
The railway line to Ballavitchell and up Bluebell Lane, trying to find the best line up was made harder by Kerruish using every bit of track by weaving like a low down drunk, Caroline made what is a crappy climb look easy (but she is the founder of the third lung club). At the top the climbing continued up the millennium way to Nab Lane, on the way down to Tollaby Kerruish was giving Sinbad daggers as they both had the same outfit on and Sinbad carried it off better due to the heels. Good news for Emma, Trollaby was the only gate to deal with tonight (Mike is still grounded for something he did a few months ago).
Back onto the railway line and the climb up Ellerslie, dissension between Coops/Sinbad blaming each other for the route, onwards up Eairy Kelly/St Runius/Rocky Rd (many names) it should really be called ‘the pond’ with all the recent rain.
Down the side of Archie which was a bit skippy, Gina managing to see the exit bridge just in time, a climb up road to the back of Chibanagh plantation, around the edge and through the trees which Bolty didn’t enjoy which is ironic if you know his occupation. In the second section Coops was shocked by a tree that apparently jumped out on him forcing him into the mud like a hippo.
Down Ballacotch next with Kerruish really gunning for Seamus’s record, he’s getting close but still failed, I can’t see him doing it (Paddy power quote 1000-1, finding Neds post box is only 200-1) might be worth setting a webcam up as he tries at least once a week.
The ride ended back at Coop’s towers for cake and drink made by Rachel (nice hair only Coops didn’t notice she had had it done.)
**Ned is barred from the cake club and will have to stay on the naughty step outside (well lifted onto it) after a no show after seeing pics of the cakes, Cam had a legitimate excuse, Ned’s ‘I’m arranging books on a low bookshelf’ is weak.