Riders :- Jason, Mark, Coops, Sinbad, NeilS, Foxdale, Alex, Pete, Martin and NeilK
Tonight’s event started from Union Mills which meant there were a few options
open to us, as it was a strong wind the usual rule of thumb is head for the
shelter in the plantations, Coops in his wisdom thought otherwise (prick). After
a quick game of blinding each other with our lights and once Sinbad and Kerruish
had swapped wardrobe tips we set off up Trollaby Lane.
This was the first time NeilS (cultured man) had been out since LDLR, he claims to
have been at a Swiss finishing school but the Pulrose in him suggests more Jurby
Hilton. At the top of Trollaby we went onto Nab Lane into a head wind, most of the
insults directed at Coops were lost on wind apart from Sinbad …… “I fecking
hate that man”.
A quick blast down the millennium way and onto Bluebell Lane, the leaders tried to
tiptoe around the edge of a large puddle me and NeilK rode right through the middle
like a couple of orcas at sea world parting the water over them to their derision.
The railway lines to 7 gates next now 5 gates as 2 don’t shut anymore, which is
really annoying if you’re hoping for a rest and you have to ride through. At last
we were in the shelter of the trees at Archallagan, astonishingly within 20 metres
of entering we lost the trail due to the amount of fallen needles and twigs. The
one faller of the night Sinbad experienced Clackspur which is the feeling when
your balls end up in your stomach (ladies will know this as Camelspur)…….Rufus
hound could be heard sniggering after a recent operation.
Thankfully there were only 10 of us out which stopped Kerruish from taking his
gloves off to do a count.
First ride this winter were tingly toes in the shower come into play.