Riders :- Coops, SteveQ, Molly, Lonans over 50 enduro rider, Rob, Clare, StephenK, NeilK, Foxdale, Woody, John, Roger, Seamus, Ali, Westy, Paul, DavidQ,….plus others

Riders came from faraway 25 in total…..make that 26 Woody arriving late as usual.
The ride started from Foxdale School the islands premier seat of learning.

With the tropical weather it was the first appearance of legs, lily-white in colour having just come out of hibernation.

The ride set off past the clock tower, one of Foxdales many historic monuments, the Laxey riders were in awe as they only have a feckin wheel. Turning right onto ‘behind the moon road’ past Cubby’s new cottage. Up the glass houses, which took us by surprise as it was wet and from there into Archie.

Kerruish took the lead in the trees which was a worry but everyone managed to survive.
Down 7 gates, with 26 riders it meant most had a clear run without having to stop, 25 made it down safely only Electro Man on his Duracell bike coming a cropper in spectacular fashion, going right over the bars and face planting on the stone at the bottom. With first aid applied and Coops kissing his wounds better the brave little soldier carried on. Everybody thought the same …..’that bikes going to be heavy to pick up’……I was gutted as I had money on Paul coming off!

A mechanical next on the Kenna Rd, Rob having crank trouble which ‘Bang it and Botch’
(Kerruish) sorted.

Up the Foxdale lines which were surprisingly dry, Molly had to be boxed in to stop him straying from the track looking for firewood. The Ballanass Rd and the Gleneedles Rd can be described as many things, but Shite seems to cover it, a long climb with no let up, the electric bike came into it’s own, everyone looking quite envious, another mechanical, this time a chain snapping, Seamus got involved in this repair and soon got us on our way again in under 2 hours, who’d have thought you could zip tie a chain. Half way up, a sight which sums up Foxdales variety of life…..A farmer taking his Balcock for a walk.

At the top it was on to the cow shit trail through to water trough park, stopping to take in the stunning view of Foxdale, 2nd only to New York skyline.
nce through we skirted the bottom of Barrule to Solomon’s corner, Lady Clare (Steve is punching above his weight) got a sprint on as she realised Ali was about to give her some riding advice.

Through the bumps in the trees at Stoney mountain which are a giggle and down Then Shent which was quite dry for a change and back to Foxdale.
A good social ride.