Riders :- Richard, Steve Q, Coops and Foxdale

With the weather forecast looking dodgy there were just four of us setting off from Crosby, it was nearly just three of us with Coops struggling to fathom out how zips work on his jacket…..Thank feck for Velcro…..He’ll never grasp buttons.

Part of tonight’s route was planned by Kerruish even though he wasn’t riding, so we knew it was going to be shite.

We set off along the lines to go up Ballacotch always a pleasure, at the top we went straight through Chibanagh and down the drop then out to Santon, just to annoy Richard as its near his house.

At Santon we took a track that went past Southampton Farm (we had special permission to do this track as it’s private) this bit was what Kerruish suggested, he warned us there may be string across some of the track.

The knot on the first gate baffled Coops so we climbed over after getting impatient with the buffoons efforts to untie it. It wasn’t long before we encountered the first string across the track, glad we didn’t do it a night. There were four more strings, the fourth one after a fecker of a hill looked innocuous, I didn’t hear Richard and Steve whisper quietly “it’s electric”.

As Kerruish would say “you can’t teach stupidity”…four feckin times I electrocuted myself, once when it travelled through my bike, Steves carbon bike not effected. Once the others stopped pissing themselves we continued.

Once through we headed down Middle Farm, were I discovered Lake boots are like Sealskins after going through the stream……. they let absolutely no water out…..the others took the bridge option.

It was now pissing down, we headed along the lines and up Trollaby Lane up Nab Lane for the final hoot descending down millennium way, and back to Cafe Rachel for a selection of cakes and tea made for ten hungry riders…..sadly there were only four of us…..we tried our best.

With there being no fallers tonight Steve sacrificed himself, somehow he slipped on the laminate floor scolding his leg with his tea but managed to save the cake…..The last time such a move was seen it was by a little fat checkout girl from Nottingham doing the Bolero.

Enjoyable ride, Great cake, Great dance moves by Michael Jackson