Location:- Marown School

Riders :- Coops, Andy B, Dave, Foxdale, Neil K, Phil, Rich, Steve, John, Bolty and Olivier (international representative)

With heavy rain forecast we decided to head to Archie to do the yellow dot trail.

Setting off from Marown School along the lines, someone must have decided it was a timed section so we soon arrived at 7 gates sweating like a glass blowers arse. Up 7 gates unfortunately the gates were opened so there was no respite.

Once in Archie the route was decided….by Coops, within 50 yards we had taken a wrong turn and were all pushing through the brash and undergrowth…..we never learn, like feckin lemmings.

We picked up the trail again and went through the ruined tholtan, following one of the many old Enduro trails that Kerruish found weaving through the trees, the ride was going well, then the moment we had all be dreading happened…..Kerruish took his glove off, what seemed like an eternity before he half managed to get them back on…..(we’re supposed to be the the master race because of our opposable thumbs Kerruish shits on this theory).

The ride eventually carried on only Steve stopping briefly to hug a stump and tree hurting his wrist in the process ‘how we laughed’. At the next break Kerruish noticed his mudguard was loose….everybody looked at each other with fear in there eyes, luckily he managed to repair it without taking his gloves off, a diplomatic incident was only just avoided as even Olivier took the piss. The ride continued without any more incidents, though I fear we’re in for a long winter with Kerruish and his feckin gloves, he’s already being snubbed by the French.