Riders :- Phil, John, Coops, Neil K, Fred, Steve, Foxdale, Nick, Roger and Pete.

The riders assembled ready for the off at Marown School, nobody mentioning the elephants in the room till Kerruish turned up, John and Nick had turned up on electric bikes.

Kerruish “For fecks sake I’d have turned up on the Yamaha RD if I known it was that kind of ride”.

Luckily for the E bike riders tonight’s route was virtually locked gate free.

Heading up Ballacotch the electric bikes took no prisoners and made it look easy. At the top we moved onto Chibanagh the ‘E’ bikes again making it look easy, is there no stopping these witchcraft machines.

Once through Chibanagh we went on the road to Stoney Mountain again the Dynamo Kids leading the way without breaking sweat.

In Stoney it was payback time…..Dans track, the E bikes managed it eventually, the conventional bikes making it look easy, even the one legged monkey Kerruish. When the E bikes came out of the trees Nick moaned “didn’t realise it was road ride rules, let’s wait for no one”…..
……the irony was lost on Nick there didn’t seem to be much waiting going up hill.

Whilst waiting Kerruish showed us the washing instructions on his knee pads, he’s quite domesticated now. Steve the delicate soul complained the labels on his bib tights were irritating.

Coming out of Stoney there was one more treat for the ‘Pet Shop Boys’ ………Clough Willey track has probably the highest gate in the West, it was like watching the worlds strongest man with the Atlas balls.

I headed back to Foxdale whilst the rest continued back to Marown. Before heading off we reassured Nick that Mr Rielly probably wouldn’t even notice let alone mention the electric bike.
Special mention to Fred who managed to stay on his bike for the first time this year.