Riders :- Coops, Seamus, Gadge, Foxdale, Alex and ‘P Bolty’
Tonight’s ride in celebration of one of the oldest Loaghtans, Neil Kerruish,
expectations were high that it was going to be a good ride, they rose higher with
NeilK not turning up probably due to him being dizzy with all the spins his work
colleagues would have given him.
Setting off from the NSC at 6:45 prompt I arrived at 6:46 and got chastised for
being late. The group went round the running track to the railway lines at quarter
bridge, within seconds of leaving the tarmac Seamus managed to dismount his steed
in the most comical fashion like a foal trying to stand for the first time. Once
we had stopped pissing ourselves we carried on to go up Trollaby at the top Coops
mentioned going up Nab Lane as this wasn’t mentioned in the original brief (club
rule 28.b) he was promptly told where to shove Nab Lane, a quick gallop down
Bluebell Lane with no fallers
Back onto the railway line to go up Ballacotch
(fecking marvelous) Gadge, Alex and Bolty led the way Seamus, Coops and I kept
together trying to spot dead animals for Seamus to tick off on his wall chart,
Boltys bike lit the night sky up it has more gold bling on it than an East End
gangster in a pawn brokers.
At the top we headed into the trees in Chibanagh plantation as Bolty wanted to
impress us with knowledge…..he failed, we followed the old race course to the
back of the plantation, Bolty and I headed back from here, I had important manly
work to do with a radiator key, Bolty had to look at the exchange rate for
gold…….I feared for the others………
Seamus asked “what’s the route now”
Coops “don’t worry it’s in my head”
Seamus “oh feck”
Happy Birthday Neil ‘fingers’ Kerruish