Riders – Rich, Foxdale. Coops and Seamus
South Barrule was the starting point for tonight’s ride, we set off up the red run to get warmed up, near the top I shouted “rider coming down”, It turned out to be Coops on a lower zig zag path while the other two stopped I carried on allowing me to have a breather at the top, I was given a yellow card and warned by Seamus about my behaviour as this was deemed unsporting.
A quick blast then down the firetrack through Corlea were Seamus (Crazy Ivan) nearly took us all off by stopping to look at a passing hare without warning. The Whisky run next, the climb made harder by a strong headwind and the stunned silence when Seamus mentioned he watched ‘TOWIE Live’, Lanagore was then ridden mainly in silence while Seamus contemplated what he had done, the silence was only broken by the noise of Coops coming off 4 times all graceful dismounts though, it was a hard slog, like riding on a wet sponge, it was more luck than judgement that nobody else came off.
Earystane beckoned next, I warned Coops (at least I thought I did) about the deep drainage ditches that had been freshly dug, sadly he mustn’t have heard me muttering the warning under my breath, half way down he became separated from the pixie porno blue steed he was riding, a dismount that started like a Beth Tweddle move and finished with a Jack Bauer roll. Through the gate and down through the middle, the left track is best here…..Rich sadly chose the right track scoring a creditable 7.5 but not enough to knock Coops off the top of the leader board.
A road ride up to Cringle, me and Coops had a quick game of pulling each others brake levers going up magnetic hill, by the time we reached Cringle my rear brake caliper was sticking on and Seamus’s free hub was sticking, I took the lead and thought I had got away with my off but the others arrived just as I was getting my upside down bike out of the tree, at the bottom we decided to call it a day while Seamus could still pedal every now and again and rode back to South Barrule on the road.
On tour we have a small blow up doll (Rut Slut or Ditch Bitch) that the rider with the best off has to ride with the next day, on this ride it would have changed hands several times.