Riders :- Seamus, Coops, Foxdale, Neil K, Mike, Emma, Pete, Alex, Richie and Dave
A first even for me, managing to come off 200 yards after leaving for the ride, ice at the clock tower cleaning me out. The roads around Foxdale were like glass yet Douglas looked like it had never snowed and was positively sub tropical, must be the heat generated by the slums.
Starting from the NSC we headed through the Nunnery towards Oakhill thankfully missing the Carnane climb. Oakhill rode better than last time with the ground being crisper though Neil managed to come off, sadly we missed this and Coops just managed to save himself from an early bath (his time would come). The climb up the Crogga next towards Santon, at the junction a new route was decided going against club Rule 27.1.b, once the route has been decided it can’t be altered this was to be our downfall.
The Road to Brough Fort looked innocent then without warning Coops touched the shiny stuff and went down quicker than Gillian Taylforth, after this Emma, Coops, Pete and I decided it was safer to walk though this proved difficult at times. Neil arrived at St Marks crossroads a good few minutes ahead of us having ridden the luge, though as Seamus was quick to point out he had only just managed to get his feckin glove back on (he really does struggle with digits) mittens with a string around his back would be better. Seamus braved St Marks crossroads first which was like a skid pad though he chose an unusual style using his bike like a zimmer frame, Mike and Emma decided to bale out here as they had a way to go home, Mike pretended to be chivalrous by leading the way for Emma (I saw through his plan getting home first for the bigger slice of cake was all he cared about).
The rest of us headed tentatively towards Stoney Mountain, Coops at the rear was struggling on the ice and making noises like a rep from an Ann Summers party…Oooh…Aaarh…Oooh
Once in Stoney the ride improved with fresh snow offering more grip, it had the added benefit of making it a lot brighter, so bright Roy Orbisons sunglasses wouldn’t have been amiss, Seamus got to the bottom first giving him time to get some snowballs ready using an action that Monty Panesar would be proud of. I set off back to the stockbroker belt of Foxdale, the rest headed back to the Douglas ghettos.