The place we call home offers, stunning scenery, a good variety of riding and most of all a warm welcome! So welcome to Loaghtan Loaded MTB, the home of social riding on the Isle of Man!

Team Work

It's not how you get to the end that matters, it's who you get there with that matters.

Rut Slut!

She paused; she fidgeted; she stamped her heel; She choked the rage she could not all conceal; Then swung her wheel round with an evil grace, And took that hill at a terrific pace.

Real bikers

Real cycling is not about gear ratios. Or wearing lycra the colour of rainforest toads. Or pedalling to the country pub in the sun, then getting a taxi back because it's dark and raining.

Tools of the Trade

It had seemed like such a good idea at the time. Needing a fix and armed with a dumbell spanner, a set of Allen keys and an old toothbrush, I went out to score.


It is no longer assumed that two cyclists have something in common. Even their love of cycling is not necessarily a common cause.

Strange Things

Unicycling is contrived. It hasn't developed for any other reason than because some clown wanted to be a bit more wacky than some other clown. Never liked 'wacky'.


There are some who will ride as long as God or whomever will let them. I am such a person, as is Mark M-M., who will ride his Viking funeral chariot in an incendiary blaze of faith and madness.

Trail Faeries

Ever since the earth started cooling from a molten ball it's been creating and influencing the mountain bike world we know and ride through.


It was pure adventure, dodging hidden branches and smelling hot summer chaparral one minute, cool fingers of fog the next, rippling along in the zebra-lit trails. It felt like there was no one else on the whole planet as alive as we were.


We knew two people on one bike was against the law. We did not care. We were in love. I was quite happy to be the back half, like a pantomime horse.


Our members will usually provide some entertainment on the ride.


...how to repair a puncture as you'll be sure to get them.

The air was always thick...

...with the smell of TEMPTATION.


...is the spice of life! That's why our rides are always varied and offer something for everyone.

It's all a balancing act

And we think we have the right balance.

Old School

No matter what you ride you'll always be made welcome.

He who reaches...

... the top first, waits the longest!


...is the one thing money can't buy.

The world is a paradise...

...for those not cursed with self awareness.


Through years of cycling we have gained a great deal of experience, sometimes unwelcome!


At the end of every uphill there is usually a downhill!


We are always happy to welcome new riders to our merry flock.


We pride ourselves in our club values.

Set in stone

Nothing is set in stone, we're always ready to adapt.


There is always a nice cold pint waiting at the end of a ride. Sometimes during the ride!

Take it easy

Dreams are just clouds but sometimes clouds form recognisable shapes.

Anything is possible...

...if you put your mind to it; 34lb of bike to the top of Mt Snowdon!


We encourage & support you to achieve your full potential.

Don't be afraid...

...to get off and walk.


We like to think of our club as an extension of our family.


Our Longest Day, Longest Ride event is all in aid of raising money for charity.

Only the best will do!

We don't settle for second best!

Helping hand!

We never see a rider struggle, we sometimes laugh first then offer a helping hand!


We are known to sample the local ales on occasion.

Social Rides

Our regular social rides cater for all abilities.

Team Work

Our 2010 End 2 End Challenge team before the start.

Longest Day, Longest Ride

We are the founders and organisers of the Isle of Man's only 24hr MTB Endurance Charity Event.

Organised Tours

Each year we load up the vans & head to the UK to ride new trails.

Trail Building

We actively put back in to the trails we ride with regular build & maintenance days.

IMPORTANT – Weather Forecast

………………….Attention all shipping attention all shipping……………………………….

And now time for the Loaghtan Loaded shipping forecast and reports from coastal and inshore stations.

Here is the general synopsis at 0700 GMT. Great conditions – let’s get biking……

And now the area reports:

South Sinbad , Forties – Onchan boating lake mild to even milder. Why bother? GKY.(Gay Kyaking)

Bazzar, Trafalgar – Coming on strong, storm conditions, but fizzling out later into a giggly mess if tickled. Rising.

Hobgoblin, Doombar – outbreaks of wind at times, good, bleedin great!!

Pete Mate, Malew Bight – Warning, just a warning, avoid at all costs.

Dover Sole, Callig, Halibut, Monkfish – Bond rods, regular outbreaks of wind, rain at times, good. Skippy cyclonic. North, South, East and Westerly all at the same time.

Hamish Rockall – occasionally good , sometimes moderate, smooth and slight.

Gadge, Biscuit – light flatulence, some rain, very good. But clearing, will not be seen for a few seasons once clear.

Crabtree, Irish Sea – sod all wind, heavy showers, absolutely incredible big shitter forecast, occasionally squally. Force 9 – Warning.

Bolty, Fair Isle, Cardigan, Pullover – wind south east, rain at times, slightly disappointing. Heavy bling.

Coops, Dogging – Starting out moderate but increasing to force 8 to 10 (after too many!!!) Intermittent but becoming stronger.

Rachel, Bailey – social diaries and cake variable, much time on hands, cyclonic.

And now the reports for lesser important coastal stations:

Kerruish and South East Iceland (best place for him) – wind, North West, 7 miles, one thousand and four, rising slowly. But not as fast as Rachel’s cake mix. Thermal warm spots over Cohnrenny, tyre burning, increasing.

Foxdale, Mid East – KOM’s sparse, as far as the ring road, Six six six, rising slowly. Then fading…ooops sorry we’ve lost communication…..hello???….come in Foxdale….come in…..please report……Sorry listeners we seem to have lost Foxdale……we’ll keep trying…..

And that concludes this morning’s shipping forecast.

Hamish Loaghtan

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