Riders :- Dave, Seamus, Coops, Richard, Jamie, Pete, Roger, Olivier, Foxdale and Mark

Venue Crosby Playing Fields

10 of us out tonight, on what was a cold windy night, this usually means head for the trees to get some shelter. Coops the feckin knob had other plans, let’s go up……..’marvellous’

One usual rider had prior knowledge of the route and decided to ‘stay local’…..so local he never got off the sofa as it was a bit chilly, he’ll remain nameless to save his family any shame….bloody tire kicker.

Bolty was also absent, due to his name coming out of the hat ….’In charge of trees and green things’ he was away at a conference about trees, with his Ladybird book ‘eye spy Phytophthora Ramorum’….’Its a heavy head that wears a crown’.

The railway line to Mill Rd, a lovely climb that goes on and on, but rewards you with great views but not in the pitch black, at the top through of ’12 shares’ to pick up the E2E in reverse.

Jamie the resident down hill rider led the way on the first descent, which was a mistake as it turns out as he didn’t know the way, came into a corner too quick nearly shot over the edge into Kirk Michael, he later managed to do a very good save on the bridge, again coming in too fast, what is it with youngsters and speed!

The first mechanical of the night, Dave with a broken shifter, as a group we decided it would be ‘alreet’, mainly because none of us had our glasses and they’re very small screws.

Several gates later (which Seamus managed admirably) we arrived at Cronk Breck which had a smattering of snow and ice, it was now getting very cold, only Coops was warm……or at least his ears were.

Olivier was now having trouble with his front wheel, which we all looked at, offered no help and moved on. Just as we were about to descend Richard snapped a spoke in the most exposed area….how we laughed, luckily I had some insulation tape at reasonable price of 25p for 3″ I.O.U’s not accepted. At the bottom we had to tell Olivier again to turn around to go the right way, he needs a lead like a French poodle.

Once on the descent this highlighted how much of a buffoon Coops is, he knew the route but chose to come out on his rigid, at the bottom of Cronk Breck he was shaking like a trifle.

Which brings us nicely onto the other calamity of the night. The Loaghtans have very few rules…
1. 27b. Once the ride has started route can’t be altered.
2. Ride starts at Cat…pint after
3. Ride starts at Union mills….pint in the Railway
4. Ride starts at Crosby…Rachel makes cake

No cake what the feck is that all about.