Riders :- Seamus, Gadge, Sinbad, Nick, Kevin, Cam, Steve, Ian, Matthew, Foxdale, Dave, Rob and Coops
Tonight’s ride started from the Cat with no tail,the seasoned riders knew the usual route beforehand so there was no reason to lambast Coops with the normal insults as it was our own fault for turning up, however Coops being Coops chose his single speed……what a cock.
One rider cried off claiming a shoulder injury more like he couldn’t get his gloves on (fingers kerruish).
Once Gadge assembled and cleaned his bike we were ready to go off towards the Clypse which was a bit slippy in places, the older riders making a mental note of the holes as this is the way back as well after the nights loop.
Honey Hill awaited now we were warmed up. Just as we set off Nick, determined not to be last up, sped off snapping his chain after two strokes ensuring he was last. With the speed and efficiency of the British Leyland F1 pit crew he was soon going again all be it with a considerably
shorter chain due to feck ups. With the loaghtans not getting any younger somebody should invest in club glasses as Coops and I soon discovered there’s no point having the tools if you can’t see to use them.
Conrhenny was next a picturesque plantation by all accounts, with a combined total of over 600 laps during LDLR and various weekends trail building Coops managed somehow to get himself lost ….’cock’.
After a quick ride round the fire track the group split with Sinbad and Gadge taking some in the trees…….their screams could be heard as we carried on…..Matron.
Out of Conrhenny and down Little Conrhennie Rd, Seamus not taking any prisoners as he was on a Strava hunt. Regrouping at the bottom Baroose was next on the agenda Coops and I were going to try and get back in the top ten, but it was more fun staying behind Steve who hadn’t done it before. He certainly made the most of it, using every bit of track from ruts, banks and hedge like a pinball but still managed to stay on.
The Chicken run, Gellings and the Cow trail followed then back to Honey Hill, Cam was all smiles with his new forks Seamus on the other hand was less than pleased his forks are still shite despite being rebuilt more times than Stephen Hawkins wheelchair.
Back down through the Clypse to the Cat where Sinbad and Gadge were waiting, Okells Olaf was the chosen nutrition, Coops showing how bad his eyesight is asked “did you enjoy the ride” The young lad looked puzzled as he had been playing pool all night.