Riders :- Loaghtans, Laxey Circus….and many more

Tonight’s ride started from Marown Infant school, which was quite appropriate given that Kerruish still has to have string on his gloves through his coat.

As we set off Emma looked behind with a tear in her eye waving goodbye to the chippy van.

Ballacotch beckoned……I feckin love Ballacotch, at the top we went into Chibanagh which has a straight forward route through it, so how the hell Ned got lost is a mystery.  It was Santon before we realised he wasn’t with us, Kerruish refused to ring him till we had a whip round to cover the cost of the call, we arranged to meet up again at Castletown as Ned was now in St Marks (some people shouldn’t be allowed out without carers).

Down Pound lane and out towards Ballasalla, turning off to head to Alan Bell International Airport (Doesn’t have the same gravitas as JFK) checking on the progress of Ned before we went further, Kerruish moaning that this ride was costing him a fortune.

The first puncture of the night, NeilS taking advantage of the break to have a giant cookie.
Olivier asked French Air Traffic Control to make sure it was okay to ride around the perimeter of the airport disappointed that there was no strike planned he torched a tractor in despair……Sacre Bleu.

At Poulsom Park we eventually found Ned the little tinker under the bridge alone and afraid ready to be chastised.  Kerruish took the lead, lost the trail and nearly took us all into the river….plonker.

Through Cats gate, Ned just managing to lift his bike higher, this is were a flaw with fat bikes came to light, Julian had to chalk his hands then do a clean and jerk to get his bike up, locking his arms the party gave him three green lights and allowed him through.

Second puncture of the night in Silverdale, everybody rushing to help or maybe not.

A quick diversion on one of the islands most pointless rd’s….Wigan Rd, then we all headed home, Emma hoping the chippy van would still be there.