Summer Breeze Ride

Riders :- Richard, Neil, Phil, Foxdale, Coops, Stephen and Roger

With the ride starting from St John’s the only way is up regardless of the route. It was decided due to the gale force wind we’d head up to shelter in the trees at Archie.

Up 7 gates which is always a pleasure. Phil was really happy, suffering from jet lag, having just returned from recording a new Sky One programme ‘where the feck in the world is Phil this week’ (working title). At the top Coops decided it would be fun to go down Cornelly, so we could come back up again (knob1)…..not as bad as it used to be the heady mixture of cow shit and diesel has nearly all gone.

At the bottom a quick ride along the lines to Glen Vine so we could climb again….Oh joy!
Up Ellerslie and on to Eairy Kelly were the wind really hit us, we were exposed like an mhk with his pants down round the back of the Creek with a Peel girl/boy/mackerel, having to ride at a jaunty angle to stay upright.

Once in the trees things calmed down, Kerruish suggested we do Archie without crossing trails, within 30 yards we were back to where we had started from (knob 2).

We soon got going after another glove incident. We then managed to find the telephone, Kerruish showing his age wondering why it didn’t have dial. Half way round Steves back wheel came loose, how such a beginners thing can happen is a mystery…..10 yards later Rogers bolt thru wheel came loose…..bloody beginners. With the ride neatly over Coops provided some last minute entertainment by trying to pull a wheelie whilst going up a steep hill (knob) Coops beats Kerruish 2-1 in the knob stakes.