After saying goodbye to the Foxdale Poet Laureate (apparently he had to go home and make sure the cats eye were lit) the merry bunch continued in to the heart of Archallagan, we had ridden 2 trails when Mr Kerruish took a turn back in to the trees leading our merry band over stumps, through bogs, bomb holes and at times rideable trail before we eventually exited near the main car park (3 trails done) it was then decided to add in an extra loop just to add to the mileage, a typical Newshie style loop i.e. a loop that travels through the trees for 3⁄4 mile to end up exactly where you started.
We then decided to head off towards civilisation, having done 4 trails in Archie that only leaves 996 others to find…
Coops now sprung his last surprise of the evening, we were heading down St Ruinius, through Ellerslie and then up, yes UP!!!! Ballacotch (sadistic twat). At the bottom of Ellerslie Mr Skillen bid us farewell as he had to get back before the curfew. This left 8 of us for the nice ride up Ballacotch, I stayed at the back plodding on gently not wishing to take KOM and show anyone up. After this final ASScent it was an easy ride back to Union Mills down Lhergy Crippety, with Martin, Neil, Pete and Alex heading straight through to Douglas the last of us headed down to Union Mills and myself and Coops finding our way in to the Railway. A couple of Doombar and a visit from Hamish Loaghtan to round of the evening.
Amendment to the rule book:
#Rule 13 Anyone mentioning GRB’s more than 3 times on a ride will have to pay a forfeit.
#Rule 18 The ascent/descent ratio on any given ride should not be greater than 5%
#Rule 18a Unless the greater percentage is in descents favour.