Muddy fun, 13 out unlucky for some

A few notable absences Seamus was recovering after doing missionary work in deepest Yorkshire (a lost cause), Cam probably in the gutter after falling off the wagon again and Kerruish had an interview as a NCP car parked attendant with his newly acquired limp.
The ride started from South Barrule formerly the islands premier dogging site before it became toobusy. With the temperature dropping it was time to start the ride if only to get away from Coops telling us of the recent Vidal Sassoon NVQ course he’d been on.
Straight up through to the tunnel of love which given the recent weather is starting to suffer, but not as much as a certain rider would after defaming his wife should his name be revealed.
At the bottom of Corlea Robert showed off his astronomy skills by pointing out a shooting star which turned out to be the 20:00 Flybe to Gatwick flight.
Up the Whisky run, Coops raving about how good his single speed is, it’s that good you don’t even need lights…..his head was glowing like a Belisha beacon.
Down the Rushen E2E trail and onto the next climb Eairy Cushlin it is always better in the dark, the group was stretched out, a long line of red lights looking like an Amsterdam Terrace touting for trade.

Once at the top the option was a newly freshly laid Tarmac road still unopened to ourselves or the Shitty Sheep Trail across Lanagore……Shitty Trail it was then, every mud patch is a gamble not knowing if you’ll make it out. A short rest at the end waiting for the group to reform, the conversation covered a wide range of topics fat tyres, boots, diet and God, apparently according to Emma he works at the Brown Bobby but not on Sunday’s.
The Blue Dot Trail in Cringle beckoned. Richie was the first casualty getting a puncture, luckily Emma was on hand and soon had the bike upside down, wheel off, a few pumps and the rubber was up, tube changed, tyre and wheel back on. All while we talked about the Bridgett Jones sequel, Coops got out Platting weekly to read.

On our way again till Rob was off, he went down like Gillian Taylforth, after making sure his pride was intact we set off again…..wait for it…….Rob down again…..pride was now in tatters like Man Uniteds
Once out of Cringle a road ride back to South Barrule to save Rob from further embarrassment and the 3 strikes and you’re out rule being invoked