Rider :- Rob, Bolty, Foxdale ,Coops, Olivier, Lee and Steve

Ride starting point :- Port Erin.

With prior knowledge of the ride and with being delayed at work, I arranged to meet the group half way, a risky decision given Coops directional sense.

I went up South Barrule through to the Whisky run down Round Table back up Eary Cushlin and down Cronk ny arrey laa.

I settled down to wait as the group was coming up Surby, I could hear them before seeing them with the quiet darkness shattered “you feckin prick Coops Surby on a School night”, first to arrive was Napoleon closely followed by the rest of the group. None of them could speak all breathing heavily like a sex pest on heat.

We set off up the E2E course and on to Lanagore which could be described as arid, lifting the bikes over the gate Steve was careful not to scratch his new carbon bike….too late doh!

Onto Cringle first the ‘Blue Dot’ and then down the ‘Tunnel’ which is even better in the dark, Olivier thought ‘Le Tunnel’ lacked authenticity as there were no burnt out tractors or illegal immigrants.

A quick road ride down to Car wash alley (Parville) Lee and Coops making school boy errors riding to close too the magnetic hedge and getting lashed by the brambles. A quick ride traversing a couple of shite trails back to Port Erin, the pace was quite quick everybody taking advantage of the road to flick shit off our tyres on to each other. Bolty had heard there was more gold to be found in Port Erin left by the southern spaniards to bling his retro 26″ bike a bit more.

An enjoyable ride, first one for a while with no mechanicals or punctures for a change.