Riders – Coops, Foxdale, NeilS, Steve Q, Emma, Alex, John, Mark T, Matthew, Nick and Fingers Kerruish
Union Mills international trade park was tonight’s starting point, Kerruish was back out with his sick note for last Tuesday, the rash wasn’t as bad as first thought. I was last to arrive and got a dressing down from Neil S “how dare a minion from Foxdale keep the gentry from Castletown waiting” tugging my forelock (I wish) I apologised profusely.
Up Trollaby to get warmed up and on to the road to Bluebell Lane, warning The Lord of Castletown Neil S of the pothole with a sharp lip we let Kerruish go first as I couldn’t remember which side of the track it was on.
Onto the railway lines to Seven gates, the lines were very wet I’m sure they’re sponsored by Eurocycles as you can feel the bikes moving parts wearing away with the wet grit (other bike shops are available).
Up seven gates, the first bit like a river the second bit is just a slog, quite boring now, with Seamus being absent the baton of being unable to open a simple field gate was passed to his fellow countryman Matthew, at the top Nick was pleased to see a foot deep drainage ditch which he classed as a down hill section.
Through Archallagan on the fire track and onto the mast trail to take us to the glasshouses. A short road ride to Rhenshent, described in journals as a old dried up river bed, The Foxdale flood barrier had clearly failed as tonight it was like Somerset, Neil S complaining that a man of his standing shouldn’t have to put up with these conditions. The conversation turned to waterproof boots Neil S mentioning his small feet,’small feet means small…..as there was a lady present (Coops) and Emma the conversation abruptly stopped. I bid farewell as I had to put the cats eyes out, the rest carried on through Stoney, I could just make out Kerruish shouting go on “feck off” as I departed. As it was an easy ride Coops avoided his usually ear bashing though he came close with Rhenshent being thrown in.