Riders – Matt, Neil K, Ned, Seamus, Foxdale, Alex and Coops
Tonight’s ride started from Crosby, we were attracted there like the three kings following the star only our bright star was Ned’s dayglow single speed BMX bike making another appearance (will he ever learn). The start was delayed for a while as Neil K (could be an alien) struggled with the concept of having a thumb in a glove, just as he was about to give up he found the thumb in his Alvin Stardust Koo Ka Choo glove.
We set off up Ballacotch which always seems easier in the dark, Ned lighting the way with his fluorescent BMX frame; at the top we went into Chibbanagh with it being moonlit we could avoid all the dog shit, Seamus’s silhouette with the moon made his movember moustache look like Ron Burgundy from Anchorman.
A blast down the road through Santon and onto Oakhill which was a bit greasy, the piles of leaves were a bit un-nerving not really knowing what was under them, some of them were several inches deep coming up to Ned’s waist. We all went through the stream apart from Neil who went over the bridge (wuss) one last big puddle before Kewaigue which Ned refused to go through as it was periscope depth (7 inches), down the hill and through the Nunnery were we split up due to Neil, Foxdale, Ned and Coops taking another route, if Sinbad was with us he would have said “what was the fecking point of that loop we’ve only moved 10 yards”.
Along the railway lines to Union Mills and Seamus bailed out here siting Moustache fatigue, we went onto Trollaby lane then a quick blast on the road back to Chateau Coops at Crosby (Ned knows Crosby well having got off the bus here on the Loaghtan social bash missing his stop) to demolish the cakes that Rachel had made (great)….one minor complaint we had to wait for the kettle to boil.
The topic of conversation on tonight’s ride was Dave Reilly’s Fat bike………….WHY?