20 riders
As Coops was otherwise engaged (ironing) it was left to me for the route, couldn’t be any worse than the shite trails that Coops comes up with.
With the ride starting from St Johns the only way was up, we headed up the Staarvey in what can only be described as balmy conditions; by the top most of us realised we were overdressed for the weather (sweating like a glass blowers arse). At the top we headed down to Laurel Bank through the kissing gate (Pete took this too literally), as soon as we were down it was time to go back up using the Vaaish, (we have special permission to use this please don’t abuse it) always a nice climb with a great view at the top. Back on the Staarvey Rd which is a flat unremarkable stretch of tarmac, young Liam managed to dismount his bike in spectacular style as though a sniper had shot him, how it happened we’ll never know, conspiracy theorists had it down to one of the older riders nudging him, fed up with his youthful energy. Nursey Caroline administerd first aid stopping short of asking him to cough.
Down Mannanins Chair to Cronk-y-voddy, the group split in two here some wanting to do Spooyt Vane, the rest going straight to Cooil Dharry. Luckily for Gina she managed to miss most of the fallen branches half way down the track. At the bottom there are several trees down where limbo skills are needed apart from StevieO (AKA Hobbit) who managed to ride under.
We now turned to home, along the coast road turning left just after the railway bridge on to a horrible bugger/drag of a climb that brings you back onto the Staarvey, Skippy was now getting ready to demolish a Chinese as hunger pangs were setting in, past the chicken huts (making sure Skippy didn’t neck one) a few riders went straight down the Staavey DaveM coming off (this will teach him a lesson as Rules state route cannot be changed once started).
The rest went down the grass track behind the quarry then Brack a Broom for a wash through the ford. Once back at St Johns Phil C produced a magic elixir to replenish himself (that looked like something on draught from the IRIS scheme)….we all declined.