Riders – many
Starting from Crosby riders gathered from all directions like flies round shit, 27 in all. After a short deliberation of where to go the ‘hoofed one’ decided we should head to seven gates (now six gates after the recent snow damage) and up to Archie, seven gates is always a pleasure as its doable by all really.
Once in Archie we took the trail on the left then the one on the right then another one on the right, then one on the left and finally another on the left, clear as mud.
Somehow we were still all together at the car park and headed towards the trail near the masts. At the bottom we went up to the glasshouses track which is quite washed out and badly rutted by ramblers using their walking poles, a short road ride to Rhen Shent through the governors residence leading to Stoney Mountain plantation. At the top a race seemed to take place whilst Neil and Rob were in deep conversation about the Cypriot banking crisis leaving them standing. A long road section through St Marks stretched the pack out into smaller groups 1. Elite. – 2. knackered but trying not to show it. – 3. Should be put out of their misery like a national horse. – 4. Caroline and Gina, women seem to have a third lung and can talk and climb.
We went in the back of Chibanagh plantation (the islands premier dogging location) following the old race route through the trees and out to the car park, whilst in Chibanagh NeilK made a rut that the greenlane protection group would be crying over, and one broken mech for an unfortunate rider just when you think things can’t get any worse Rob insisted on helping, some of the riders headed back to Coops for Rachels cake, the cries of why me could be heard coming from the trees in Chibanagh