Riders :- Coops, Ali, Liam, Foxdale, Gav,Mark, Martin (Kom) and Roger
The ride started from Crosby which meant the only way was up which explains why Coops ‘The Luddite’ came out on pixie porno blue geared bike instead of the single speed.
Setting off East on the lines to Ballacotch we picked up what we thought was a friendly lonely rider wanting to tag along, turned out to be Kerruish though. Going up Ballacotch Neil tried to strike up conversation with me but as I was in the zone (struggling to breath in reality) ……I ignored him as usual.
At the top we headed towards Chinbanagh all of us feeling proud in managing to chase down a pensioner on the way. The trails are still reasonably dry, though Mark thinks different managing to spin out and was spat off his steed in the one patch of mud ……sympathy was in short supply, we followed the old race course to the back on the plantation then it was a quick road ride to St Marks via Brough fort.
At St Marks we bumped into some roadies had a quick chat while Ali admired their shaved and oiled legs, before Ali starting swapping waxing tips we set off for Stoney Mountain once there we turned left up to Solomon’s Corner this wasn’t as over grown as we thought it would be though. It was a bit leg sapping on the grass.
As the light drizzle started ‘the sort that gets you really wet started’ we went into Barrule, at the top of the red run Neil activated the ‘make the rider behind you come off gadget’ with very nearly instant success, being from Foxdale I think it was magic but he assures me it’s a prototype Nasa distress beacon……I can only advise unsuspecting riders don’t look at the light it will end badly.
Rhen Shent next, just when I thought the ride would end with us fairly dry, Neil and I were taking it carefully at the first puddle till Liam sped through and splashed us; we chased the whippersnapper down, Neil managed to splash him back at the next puddle…….youth and energy will never beat age and wisdom, Neil has plenty of age on his side. At the bottom I headed back to Foxdale to tell everyone about the magic tractor beam while the others headed to Archie.
Quite a good loop which makes a change for Coops as they are usually shit!