Riders :- Cam, Seamus, Coops and Foxdale
Seamus chose the route from Union Mills, so off we set to watch the Port St Mary dip, as this was a road ride (don’t tell Sinbad) we obeyed the road ride etiquette rules by not speaking to each other, riding 3 abreast, ignoring every fecker on a bike and basically being an annoyance to all other road users.
When we arrived in Port St Mary we decided to take a beverage in the Albert, Cam’s new year resolution of abstaining lasted all of 8 hours before he succumbed to the power of a pint of Old Dog.
We wanted to ride home through St Marks but Seamus said club rules state that we have to stick to the original route (we had never heard of this rule), so it was up the Sloc….in silence still, though Seamus’s name could be heard with a few profanities every now and again.
An enjoyable start to the year.