Riders :- Loaghtans and Laxey Circus
Coops chose the route (will we ever feckin learn) Neil K and Coops had to ride 3 bike lengths apart to prevent Neil from punching him due to the previous nights ride. Starting from the NSC we set off through the Nunnery in good spirits then Coops dropped the bombshell that we were going up Carnane (that man really is a cock), a long steep climb then a sharp descent to bring us a mere 500 yards further up the road from were we started, Neil had now moved to two bike lengths.
A short ride up Kewaigue and left onto the Oakhill trail which is always wet with a permanent big puddle near the start, the climb out was very claggy making it hard to grip, unless you were on a fat bike like Dave Reilly who gave a good impersonation of Moses parting the Red Sea. At the top Neil was now only one bike length away from Coops, who was now sweating like Anne Widdecombe in a Turkish Bath.
A longish road ride on the Old Castletown Rd were the lead changed hands several times, someone shouted “car up” with the sound of a 4 X 4 on tarmac, turned out to be Dave on his fat bike. A right turn onto Pound road, yet another muddy puddle riddled track taking us onto the New Castletown Rd.
Two interesting sights here, 1st the house we stopped next to had a life size Dalek in the living room. 2nd ‘Lee Boy’ was absolutely knackered and close to hitting the wall, not wanting to let him recover we pressed on to find another hill to finish him off, we soon found one and headed up the Sloping Rd to Chibbanagh, a nip of Buckfast did nothing to improve his state, like a lamb to slaughter ‘Lee Boy’ was now fair game, we pretended to send him off in the wrong direction. Once through Chibbanagh I set off back to the urban sprawl of Foxdale the rest back to the NSC via Ballacotch, Laxey Circus setting off back to Laxey, Lee Boy heading off in the direction of Nobles.
14 tins of Quality Street over Christmas is not performance enhancing……………ask Lee boy!