Riders :- Alex, Matt, Seamus, Foxdale, Coops, Westy, Simon, Dixie and Martin
How many MTB riders can you fit in a bus shelter was the first game of the night, whilst we waited for the route to be announced by that man again.
Westy was keen to try his new waterproof boots out and he wasn’t going to be disappointed!
A sloppy muddy start to the night up the railway line from St Johns to the Ballanass Rd, at the last gate we regrouped, someone asked “who chose that route?” all eyes looked at Coops who was now looking more sheepish than Shaun, if he was wanting to alienate himself even more he would succeed with the next trail. At the rear of Hamilton Terrace to the Lhoobs Rd, could only be described as a fast flowing river the embouchure soon narrowed making it single file with its slippy claggy mud to the sides.
I managed to get a puncture half way up, at least it was reasonably sheltered whilst I did a quick change of the tube, trying to get my gloves on after took longer, good job Neil K wasn’t out with the stick I have given him over this issue.
The Ballamona was next up which was a little damp in places, a quick feck around in Archie were we met Dogger (Roger) and Mick, Coops managed to come off just as we were leaving in one of those deep mud bogs that stop you in your tracks, we all raced to aid him or maybe just to take the piss. Down 7 gates, it’s a lot easier riding with the current than against it, at the bottom we went our separate ways but in every direction profanities about Coops could be heard on the wind.
Cam was absent, we suspect he was Strava-ing’
Westy was impressed with his new boots, his little pinkies were dry and toasty especially the one that went to market.