Riders:- Cam, Seamus, Coops and Foxdale
Today was always going to be a difficult day for the 4 Loaghtan riders taking part in the 100 mile Strava challenge, with over 120 years of unblemished heterosexuality we were going to be gay for a day. Coops (fresh from Burlesque and wearing sequinned lycra and nipple tassels) prepared as always had printed off a map with detailed route highlighted (then how the feck did we go astray after only 10 miles…..Cock!)
The ride started from Kirk Michael in freezing conditions and it was trying to snow, it was that cold that if we ventured to the gay side there’s nothing we could have done. The main talking point (much to Seamus’s disdain) was that in the first hour we rode past 4 pubs didn’t stop once yet we had to stop at every toilet….an age thing.
At Regaby, Coops clearly bored and worried that we may beat him to the magical 100 mile mark decided to liven things up by telling us the junction was clear of traffic just as four cars came round the corner.
We then went to the Point of Ayre just to get some pointless miles in and a photo opportunity, Seamus wanted a picture of us in front of the lighthouse then somehow missed the lighthouse out of the pic. On the way back to Andreas Coops’ 2nd attempt to scubber our challenge by scaring two ducks that flew out right in front Seamus (he has had a lot of trouble with wildlife recently). Back to Kirk Michael for some food and one of the four members took advantage of a comfort break (those on the last tour will know who…..I’ve destroyed the shitter!)
At around 70 miles Coops was nearly taken out in Ramsey by a car driver (who we had pre paid!)  The rest of the ride was done in relative silence as we were fecked and had had enough of each other, Seamus’s banana saved me at 90 miles as my legs had gone.
Back at base we had a debrief in the Mitre, Cam was now suffering, proven by him going into the ladies toilets.
Several times during the ride Sinbad was mentioned…